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Fur Rondy

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PostWysłany: Nie 6:53, 12 Sty 2014    Temat postu: Fur Rondy

Fur Rondy
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Fur Rondy is based on the unethical and immoral practices of killing wildlife and making money on its skin. The decline in this festival is evidence of our improving society. As people become more educated and learn about our effects on the globe, practices such as hunting and trapping are thankfully in steep decline.
You can call it whatever you want, but until the unethical base of this thing is tossed into the annals of history (under the 'lessons learned' category), it will continue to decline in popularity.
I know alot of hot headed people will reply to my post with name calling and expletives, that's OK.
My proof is in the declining popularity of the event.
PS,[url=]nike free sko[/url]. Please also reference the decline in the 'Miners and Trappers' ball. Another muni bailout for that declining event?
Fur Rondy has to stay around, period. It is a tradition and Alaskan's are all about tradition. I agree with another poster on this subject, regarding using the WinterFest name. It's a lame name and not unique to Alaska. Perhaps RondyFest would be better. There are a lot of events that do need to be scratched because they are money pits. However, on the other hand we need to be sure to keep some of the native events around, even if attendance for some of these events are low. It's called culture, you have to keep it around even if you have to pay for it. Just like museums.
Rondy needs to book some good music acts to come up and play outside (might need a heated stage, of course). Live music always draws big crowds. Have some raffles for cars, snow machines, etc. to raise funds and build interest. What are some of the larger attractions at the state fair? Bring them to Rondy. Maybe the rat race, that would bring people, exhibitions. Shoot, maybe I should sign up to be on the board.
We don't think that Rondy has been dying because it wasn't changing. It had been changing (moving events from downtown, for example) and to us that contributed to the decline. Go back to a centralized "park and walk" concept. Keep old activities that are popular and add some new activities that appeal to families and kids. But above all don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Anyplace can have a Winter Fest. The name isn't a good "hook." Keep the old name or use a form of the old name to make Anchorage's winter festival unique. We live in SC and had visited Alaska in the summer. Seeing photos from Fur Rondy in a coffee table book let us know that Alaska was still open for fun in the winter. Advertise that. We were intrigued and have gone to Rondy often since that time.

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