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Where can I get the best of the decade lists for m

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PostWysłany: Czw 9:14, 09 Sty 2014    Temat postu: Where can I get the best of the decade lists for m

Where can I get the best of the decade lists for music 2000
I just pulled up Pitchfork's top 200 list and ran over it to see if I'd made any egregious omissions; the exercise did result in my new album 10 bumping Green Day's American Idiot, but beyond that my list remained the same. What surprised me most was how many of my top ten albums weren't even in Pitchfork's top 200. Seriously, they couldn't bump just one of those Joanna Newsom albums?
Anyway, here's my list: as subjective and debatable as any, and naturally biased by my typical listening habits. Most significantly, the list has no hiphop. Is that because I'm a middleclass white guy from St. Paul? Yeah, probably. I yam wat I yam, and these are my ten favorite albums released in the years 20002009.
10. Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend (2008). As noted above, this spot was initially occupied by Green Day's American Idiot, a great album that sounds like a Great Album. Vampire Weekend just sounds like a lot of funbut it's solid fun from the first track to the last, and incredibly creative to boot. The transparent arrangements sound completely coherent and deceptively simple, but the repeated listens this album begs reveal depths of invention. Brilliantly, the Ivy Leaguers make an end run around the preppy stereotype by embracing it, dropping references to Cape Cod and Louis Vuitton into genuinely heartfelt songs. Just because you're born into privilege doesn't mean you're not also born to run.
9. Girl Talk, Feed the Animals (2008). The apotheosis of the mashup. The phylogeny of the soundcollage genre is replicated on the ontology of Gregg Gillis's career: his first albums incorporated samples into abrasive and selfconscious aural experiments, but by 2008 he'd realized that by cutting out the computer squawking and replacing it with more sweet samples, you'd lose the respect of a couple of eggheads while gaining the respect of tens of thousands of sweatsoaked clubgoers. Kurtis Blow had the insight to cut out everything but the breaks; Gillis turned that formula on its head and cut out everything but the hooks and choruses. If you can hold a conversation over this album,[url=]ugg boots womens[/url], I fear for your soul.
8. The Avett Brothers, Emotionalism (2007). I appreciate that this is the darkest horse on this list, and the least consistent: among its 14 songs, several are unremarkable. The rest, though, are heartstopping: "Die Die Die," "Shame," "The Weight of Lies," "Will You Return?", "Pretty Girl From Chile." Lyrics this heartfelt and plainspoken can be embarrassing, but when they're supported by melodies and performances as strong as these, they melt cynicism like water over a witch. All the more remarkable is that this is an idealistic album about a bitter breakup. "I Would Be Sad" contains the album's most telling verse: "My dad told me, one day, son, this girl will think of what she's done, and hurting you will be the first of many more regrets to come. And he said if she doesn't call, that it's her fault and it's her loss. Both albums contain some of the group's strongest songwriting and most impassioned performances; the departure of founding drummer Bill Berry seems to have inspired the remaining trio to experiment with moody and original arrangements that give these two albums a distinctive character in the band's rich discography. The albums are also accused of being dour, which might apply to Up but not to the sunkissed Reveal, with "Imitation of Life" propelled by chiming guitars and "The Lifting" by swirling synths. In one interview, frontman Michael Stipe expressed his dumbfoundedness at the neglect of this album. "'I've Been High,'" he said, "should have been a number one track all over the world." I agree. What more does the world want?
6. Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago (2007). The decade's triumph of tone. In the nowlegendary cabin retreat that produced this disc, Justin Vernon seems to have managed to have directly digitized his own chilly bloodstream.

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